How to Be Trustworthy

The most important assets we have are our relationships with others. This is true in our professional lives as managers, subordinates and colleagues, and in our personal lives as spouses,

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We earn the trust of others when we show we are trustworthy.

parents, children and siblings. The strongest relationships are built on trust. Because lasting trust is earned, we need to know how to be trustworthy in all things if we want to succeed in building and keeping strong and well-functioning relationships. We earn the trust of others when we are consistently and authentically trustworthy.

Fortunately, we have opportunities in our work and with our families to demonstrate our trustworthiness and build successful relationships.

13 Ways to be Trustworthy

There are so many different ways we can earn trust and strengthen our relationships. Here are 13 to get you started:

  • When we listen to others without judgment or interruption, we show we can be trusted to hear their truth.
  • When we remember that another’s story is not our story to tell, we show we can be trusted to keep secrets.
  • When we are generous in our compassion and refrain from criticism, we show we can be trusted to care for the feelings of others.
  • When we keep a promise to do something, whether large or small, we show we can be trusted to be reliable.
  • When we refrain from offering advice when it has not been sought, we show we can be trusted to have confidence in others’ abilities to solve their own problems.
  • When we strive to speak honestly, we show we can be trusted to be credible.
  • When we resist the temptation to speak ill of others, we show we can be trusted to be respectful.
  • When we forgive others’ transgressions, we show we can be trusted to live in the present, not in the past.
  • When we put others first, we show we can be trusted to put more value in what we give than in what we get.
  • When we act swiftly to right our own wrongs, we show we can be trusted to act with personal humility and inner strength.
  • When we operate with transparency, without a hidden agenda or distorting the facts, we show we can be trusted to be our authentic selves.
  • When we expect the best from others, we show we can be trusted to have faith in their good intentions and abilities.
  • When we are predictable in our actions, we show we can be trusted to be consistent and reliable.

When we know how to be trustworthy, we can motivate and inspire others to perform at their best. We build morale, we encourage responsibility and we increase the harmony among our team or family members.

To be sure there are many rewards for being trustworthy, such as integrity, peace of mind, high self-esteem. However, perhaps the sweetest reward is loyal and caring relationships.

I have the right to be trustworthy in all of my relationships. That is my Fifth Amendment.

Life Is Honest, Open and True:  In what other ways have you earned the trust of others? Have your actions caused others to lose trust in you? Are you ready today to begin re-earning their trust?

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