13 Reasons I Give Thanks Today

Somewhere today between stuffing the turkey before dawn and eating a second piece of pie before bed, across America people will pause and give thanks for family,

13 Reasons I Give Thanks Today, LifeIsHOTBlog, Brad and D'Anne hugging

One more reason to be grateful: Brad gives me great hugs. Photo credit: John Sullivan

friends, food, and chances are, a pretty long list of other things. It’s like we save up our thankfulness for this one day of the year and then hope to acknowledge all of it at once, like checking items off a giant list.

Health, check.

Home, check.

Job, check.

We go wide, but not deep, when we express our thankfulness this way. It’s like taking a little bit of everything from the buffet table. We don’t want to over-commit, to get too involved in stating our thankfulness because, well, things aren’t just the way we’d like them, but gosh, we know we’re supposed to be grateful. It is Thanksgiving, after all.

This year, rather than naming all the things I’m grateful for, I challenged myself to go deep. Thirteen is a lucky number in our family, so I challenged myself to name 13 reasons I am grateful for just one thing.

13 Reasons I Give Thanks

Here they are, a baker’s dozen reasons I give thanks for my beloved partner.

  • Brad takes care of little things for me, like when he brings in the shoes I have left outside or hops out of bed to come around and cover me with an extra blanket.
  • Brad supports me when he tends to things that are important to me like my garden or he readies the photos and videos for this blog.
  • Brad shares his talent for cooking by making incredible meals we enjoy together.
  • Brad helps me learn how things work, like how an airplane takes off, lands, and stays in the air in between.
  • Brad brainstorms creative ideas and helps me problem-solve without dictating the answers.
  • Brad encourages me when work or another relationship need an extra share of my attention or disrupt our plans.
  • Brad is ready to lend a hand to whatever chore needs doing and does not assume housework is primarily the woman’s responsibility. He is a wiz at home repairs and maintenance.
  • Brad stops whatever he is doing to help me, whether it is opening a jar that is too large for my hands or fixing a major problem with one of my computers.
  • Brad respects and listens to my opinions, even when we’re at political odds.
  • Brad understands when I need a break or some fun in my life, or just a little pampering, and happily joins in or is at ease when I want to go off by myself.
  • Brad researches and prepares so that our lives are easier, like when we need to make a major purchase or how he navigates for our long car trips.
  • Brad makes me laugh.
  • Brad regularly tells me how much he loves me and how important I am to him.

Life Is Honest, Open and True:  How many things are you grateful for in your most important relationship? Have you told that person? Can you tell others too?

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