Three on My Bucket List – Up, Up and Away!

Do you have a bucket list? Today I cross three of them off my list. It is fitting that my first blog post should be about another new experience. As a belated birthday present to myself, later today I will take my first hot

Up, Up and Away LifeisHOTBlog, 3 hot air balloons aloftair balloon ride. We’re leaving from a central New Jersey location about an hour from my home. We’ll go where the wind takes us.  I hope we soar high and sail over interesting terrain. I hope I  remember to take a few photos.

Earlier this year I made a commitment to myself to start working on my bucket list. We’re each the author of our own story, and my story definitely needs a lot more action scenes.The hot air balloon trip is on my bucket list. This trip will be a new experience in another way. It’s the first time I’ve done something slightly scary, and slightly expensive, for myself, just because it’s an experience that I want to have. 

Bucket List Item #2

In case you missed it, establishing a blog is also on my bucket list. Although I’ve avoided it for years because I felt like I didn’t have anything important to say, no passion to share, no way to make a difference to others.

Bucket List Item #3

I made another commitment to myself this year, and that’s to focus earnest effort on fostering Honest, Open, and True connections with my friends and family, and to invite others learn how to do it as well. I believe life should always be this way – Honest, Open, and True.

Live Honest, Open and True

So, here on LifeisHOTblog, my commitment is to share my journey as I explore what it means to live this way, and reap the benefits of better relationships with others, and a better relationship with myself. I hope you come on this journey of discovery with me, to guide me with your comments, and yeah, to minimize the hot air.
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  2. I am so thrilled to read your first post! I love your quest for what is honest open and true in life. I’ve subscribed and look forward to sharing in your journey. 🙂

    Have fun on your balloon ride. May it be exhilerating! It is on my list of things to do! I can’t wait to hear how it went. xo

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